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Here’s one or two things to get straight with your Training Provider before you make the booking.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Let me know if you have any more ...

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  • What’s the full title of the course ?
  • Could I have a full set of Learning Outcomes for the course before I decide to attend ?
  • What is the full price of the course ?
  • Are there discounts for groups ?
  • Is the course professionally verified against the course Learning Outcomes ?
  • On completion of the course, do I receive a copy of the verification documentation for my company records ?
  • Is there a certificate for the course ?. How much does it cost and who is the awarding body ?
  • Is the certification optional, if so, could I get certification at a later date ?               
  • What are the entry requirements for the course ?                                                    
  • Could I have a link to the Google Map for directions to the Training Centre ?
  • Can the course be held at our factory premises ?
  • What will be the maximum number of people attending the course ?
  • What are the start and finishing dates for the course ?
  • What are the start and finishing times for the course ?
  • Does the price include lunch and refreshments if held at the Training Centre ?
  • How do you accommodate delegates with special dietary needs ?
  • Do I need to bring any pens, pencils, notebooks etc ?
  • How will my work on the course be assessed ?
  • Are your Trainers and Lecturers qualified, what professional experience do they have ?
  • Do you provide On-Line tests for the delegates. ?
  • Can you assist with follow-up training to be carried out in the workplace ..... Buddy Training ?
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