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Electrical Maintenance Training (or Electrical Skills for Engineers)

Testing and Replacing motors

Eg. Mechanically biassed engineer to test and refit a motor

A structured testing procedure is required to test this motor for winding faults. A trained engineer would be able to use a multimeter and an insulation tester to confirm the operational status of the motor. If the motor fails these tests, the engineer would locate and refit a replacement motor, this requires an understanding of the electrical characteristics of the motor seen stamped here on the rating plate and appropriate underpinning knowledge should be delivered by your chosen Training Provider.

Historically, Maintenance Engineers were always biassed to be either fitters or electricians and ne’er the twain shall meet..

However, in more recent times, the role of the maintenance engineer has changed to require some degree of multiskilling (some people use the term cross-skilling) where one engineer can handle both mechanical and electrical tasks.

 Mechanically biassed engineers are already good at refitting components ....mechanical components that is. So why not build on these skills and get training to refit not just mechanical components but the common electrical components that always burn out or blow-up when the electricians have all gone home. I’m thinking of fuses, thermal overloads, circuit breakers, relays, contactors, proxy sensors, motors, heating elements, PT100s.

Why not take this a step further and have training to diagnose basic control faults or set up an inverter drive.

The ongoing benefits of a skills upgrade will be self evident as you read this and you can Google to search for an appropriate Training Provider or have a look at my website   www.training-industry.co.uk for some ideas, bearing in mind those questions in Talk to your TP


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